PRIME® Gensets Rental


We provide multitudes of gensets for the purpose of making energy available whenever and wherever needed. Our rental gensets cover a wide range of needs: 10 to 1000KVA open or silent gensets.

With multiple available units for each KVA range, you can be rest assured that if and when you need additional power / backup units, we can meet your needs.

    Market segments that we power:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Industrial / Manufacture
  • Mining
  • Public Utility
  • Construction
  • Logging
  • Marine
  • Commercial Property
  • Event / Exhibition
  • etc.

Our Genset Rental Units cover a wide range of capacities, with typical genset rental capacities as such:

  • 25KVA / 25Ampere Genset Rental Program
  • 30KVA / 30Ampere Genset Rental Program
  • 40KVA / 40Ampere Genset Rental Program
  • 50KVA / 50Ampere Genset Rental Program
  • 100KVA / 100Ampere Genset Rental Program
  • 125KVA / 125Ampere Genset Rental Program
  • 150KVA / 150Ampere Genset Rental Program
  • 200KVA / 200Ampere Genset Rental Program
  • 250KVA / 250Ampere Genset Rental Program
  • 300KVA / 300Ampere Genset Rental Program
  • 350KVA / 350Ampere Genset Rental Program
  • 400KVA / 400Ampere Genset Rental Program
  • 500KVA / 500Ampere Genset Rental Program
  • 600KVA / 600Ampere Genset Rental Program
  • 1000KVA / 1000Ampere Genset Rental Program

We have various Gensets Rental Programs, such as:

  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Rental
  • 8-hour / 12-hour / 16-hour / 24-hour Operation Hours
  • Stand-by Rental
  • Lump-sum Rental
  • Multiple-units Rental
  • etc.

With our homebase in Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia, we can reach most of places in the island of Java within 1 to 2 business days. Genset rentals to other islands in Indonesia are usually possible if these places are reachable by our trucks. For all other applications, please contact us directly with your inquiries.

Our genset rental fleet uses relatively new units, with heavy duty specifications, and backed with safety standards and well-trained operators. You can be rest assured that all your Power needs be fulfilled efficiently and quickly.

PRIME® Gensets Rental Sample Product Photos