FAW PRIME® Gensets

FAW Group Corporation is a Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Changchun, Jilin, China. Its principal products are automobiles; buses; light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks; and auto parts. FAW became China’s first automobile manufacturer when it unveiled the nation’s first domestically produced passenger car, the Hong Qi, in 1958.

FAW is one of the “Big Four” Chinese automakers, alongside Chang’an Motors, Dongfeng Motor, and SAIC Motor. In 2014, the company ranked third in terms of output making 2.7 million whole vehicles.

FAW-powered Gensets are price-competitive alternatives to other brands. Offering good power and reliability, in addition to the lower initial purchase price.

FAW-powered PRIME® Gensets Range

Genset TypeGenset Prime RatingEngine TypeBore x StrokeCylinder #
PR15FD15KVA4DW81-23D85 x 100mm4
PR20FD20KVA4DW91-29D90 x 100mm4
PR25FD25KVA4DW92-35D90 x 100mm4
PR30FD30KVA4DX21-45D102 x 118mm4
PR40FK40KVA4DX21-53D102 x 118mm4
PR50FK50KVA4DX22-65D102 x 118mm6
PR60FK60KVA4DX23-78D102 x 118mm6

* For the above PRIME® Genset models, we typically carry multiple stocks at any given time.
** For all other FAW-powered Genset models and capacities, please contact us.