Genset Service

    As a full-fledged gensets provider, we provide various types of gensets repair services. There are four main categories, in the order of thoroughness:

  • General Service (± 1000 operation hours)
  • Top Overhaul (± 3000 operation hours)
  • Major Overhaul (± 8000 operation hours)
  • General Overhaul (± 10000 operation hours)
    For example, our general service package includes things such as:

  • Oil and oil filter replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Radiator and/or intercooler cleansing
  • Air filter cleansing – replacement when needed
  • Valve clearance setting
  • Injector pump pressure setting
  • Fan belt checking and setting

Meanwhile, a general overhaul basically means that we check through every single nuts, bolts, and screws that make up the engine.

Our customers can be certain that our mechanics, with years of experience in the business, will be able to provide proper maintenance and care for their gensets.

Service Genset