Cummins PRIME® Gensets

Business-Critical Power Solutions

From homes to hospitals and beyond, our power generation products inspire confidence and keep the lights on. Cummins Power Generation provides efficient, fully-integrated systems built for reliability in uncertain circumstances. We’re here to keep you up and running, no matter what.

Cummins DCEC (Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company Ltd.) and Cummins CCEC (Chongqing Cummins Engine Company Ltd.) are 50-50 joint ventures between Cummins USA and China. These engines are considered genuine Cummins engines and are backed by Cummins worldwide warranty.

The B, C, L, and NT series are widely known as the workhorse of the Cummins engines family, with widespread use, easy maintenance, widely available spare parts, and strong performance, they are suitable for use in generating set applications as well as other usages.

Our Cummins-powered gensets are typically coupled with Stamford generators of matching capacities. Please inquire with us for all your Cummins-powered gensets needs.

Cummins-powered PRIME® Gensets Range

Genset TypeGenset Prime RatingEngine TypeBore x StrokeCylinder #
PR40CS40KVA4BT3.9-G2102 x 120mm4
PR50CS50KVA4BTA3.9-G2102 x 120mm4
PR80CS80KVA4BTA3.9-G11102 x 120mm4
PR100CS100KVA6BT5.9-G2102 x 120mm6
PR125CS125KVA6BTAA5.9-G2102 x 120mm6
PR150CS150KVA6BTAA5.9-G12102 x 120mm6
PR175CS160KVA6CTA8.3-G2114 x 135mm6
PR200CS200KVA6CTAA8.3-G2114 x 135mm6
PR250CS250KVA6LTAA8.9-G2114 x 144mm6
PR300CS300KVANTA855-G1A140 x 152mm6
PR350CS350KVANTA855-G2A140 x 152mm6
PR400CS400KVANTAA855-G7A140 x 152mm6

* For the above PRIME® Genset models, we typically carry multiple stocks at any given time.
** For all other Cummins-powered Genset models and capacities, please contact us.

Cummins-powered PRIME® Gensets Product Sample Photos