Deutz PRIME® Gensets

The Deutz Vision: We Offer the Most Successful Engine Systems in the World

In the year 1864, Deutz was the first engine manufacturer in the world – and we want to be first in the future, too. First when it comes to customer value, quality, and technology, as well as systems solutions and service solutions, on all matters related to engines – and, last but not least, first in the market.

As the leading independent supplier in the premium segment, we want to be the innovations leader in technology geared to market requirements. We aim to not only provide engines to our customers, but complete systems solutions and comprehensive services.

The name Deutz will remain the synonym for quality in the future. Our goal is to offer our customers the best cost-benefit ratio and generate the greatest customer satisfaction with our products and services.

Deutz Engines Range

50Hz / 1500rpmPrime Power Rating
Engine TypeKWeKVA
BFM201112 - 56KW13 - 61KVA
BFL201112 - 37KW13 - 41KVA
FL91228 - 55KW30 - 61KVA
BFM101397 - 183KW103 - 202KVA
TCD201390 - 226KW104 - 263KVA
BFM1015315 - 448KW357 - 504KVA

Deutz-powered PRIME® Gensets Range

Genset TypeGenset Prime RatingEngine TypeBore x StrokeCylinder #
PR20DL20KVAF3M201194 x 112mm3
PR20-1DL20KVAF3L201194 x 112mm3
PR30DL30KVAF3L912100 x 120mm3
PR40DL40KVAF4L912100 x 120mm4
PR60DL60KVAF6L912100 x 120mm6
PRD85D80KVABF4M1013E108 x 130mm4
PRD100D100KVABF4M1013EC108 x 130mm4
PRD160D160KVABF6M1013EC108 x 130mm6
PRD200D200KVABF6M1013FC108 x 130mm6
PRD250D250KVATCD2013L4108 x 130mm6
PRD350D380KVABF6M1015CP132 x 145mm6
PRD500D500KVABF8M1015CP132 x 145mm8

* For the above PRIME® Genset models, we typically carry multiple stocks at any given time.
** For all other Deutz-powered Genset models and capacities, please contact us.

Deutz-powered PRIME® Gensets Sample Product Photos