Silent Type PRIME® Genset

As a manufacturer of silent boxes / canopies, AC-DC panels, fuel tanks, industrial and residential silencers, traillers, etc. We are committed to provide you with the best silent type gensets possible.

Our Silent Type PRIME® Gensets are the best in terms of performance, noise level emitted, and reliability. You can be rest assured that we will back our silent type gensets with the same uncompromising qualities and committments as our other products.

We manufacture our silent type gensets at our company group: CV. Mega Boksindo, Semarang, which is the owner of the RICHFORD® brand – synonymous with quality silent boxes, electrical panels, fuel tanks, industrial and residential silencers, as well as traillers.

Our Silent Type PRIME® Gensets typically have the following features:

  • Heavy duty all steel channel baseframe
  • Built-in daily fuel tank on baseframe – complete with fuel meter
  • Residential silencer / muffler
  • Mounted AC-DC Control Panel – typically with Deepsea DSE4520 or similar
  • Axial / compensator
  • Engine mountings
  • Battery and high quality cables
  • etc.

Silent Type PRIME® Gensets Product Sample Photos

Please contact us for all you silent type gensets need. We provide many capacities with many different world-class brands to choose from:

You can find us at:

A: Gempol Sari 5, Semarang, Indonesia
P: (024) 671-2178 / 671-5384
F: (024) 671-2179

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