Leroy Somer

Leroy Somer, the world-leading specialist in industrial alternators and drive systems, designs and manufactures highly innovative eco-technological solutions to serve the industrial and large-scale commercial sector markets.

Our Industrial Alternators have the following characteristics:

Strong Mechanical Design

  • Compactness
  • Strength
  • Accessibility
  • Modularity
  • IP23 Enclosure
  • Low Sound Level
  • Strong Winding Protection

Optimized Engine Compatibility

  • Coupling
  • Inertia
  • Ratings

World Class Electrical Performances

  • 12-Leads, 2/3-Pitch Winding
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Voltage Dips
  • Low Reactances
  • Excitation Upon Customer Spec: SHUNT / SHUNT+PMG / AREP

Quality Standards

  • ISO9001:2008
  • EMC Compliance

Leroy Somer Alternator Range

50Hz/1500rpmKVA at 50Hz 400VDimension (cm)
Alternator TypeCont - 40degCLengthWidthHeight
SHUNT Excitation
LSA422 S417.5KVA523545
LSA422 S520KVA523545
LSA422 M623KVA573545
LSA422 M727KVA573545
LSA422 L931.5KVA573545
LSA432 S135KVA634858
LSA432 S1540KVA634858
LSA432 S2545KVA634858
LSA432 S3553KVA634858
LSA432 M4560KVA634858
LSA432 L6570KVA754858
LSA432 L880KVA754858
LSA442 VS390KVA765466
LSA442 VS45105KVA765466
LSA442 S7125KVA825466
LSA442 S75135KVA825466
LSA442 M95150KVA945466
LSA442 L12165KVA945466
LSA462 M3180KVA975777
LSA462 M5200KVA975777
LSA462 L6250KVA1085777
LSA462 L9280KVA1085777
LSA462 VL12315KVA1085777
LSA472 VS2365KVA1107488
LSA472 S4410KVA1107488
LSA472 S5455KVA1107488
LSA472 M7500KVA1207488
LSA472 M8550KVA1207488
LSA472 L9600KVA1207488
AREP Excitation
LSA491 S4660KVA14280106
LSA491 M6725KVA14280106
LSA491 M75800KVA14280106
LSA491 L9880KVA15280106
LSA491 L10910KVA15280106
LSA50.2 S41040KVA13181121
LSA50.2 M61250KVA14181121
LSA50.2 L71350KVA15181121
LSA50.2 L81500KVA15181121
LSA50.2 VL101640KVA16181121
LSA51.2 S551860KVA16891140
LSA51.2 M602050KVA17891140
LSA51.2 L702160KVA18891140
LSA51.2 VL852250KVA19891140